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plural noun: vivaria

  1. early 17th century: from Latin, from vivus ‘living’, from vivere ‘to live’, literally for "place of life";

  2. similar to an aquarium or terrarium, for all living things

Bee a Better You

Why Budget?

The #1 thing we hear from people about getting on a budget is how restricting it is and how they can't do anything fun anymore. But the exact opposite is true. You can learn how to live free from the stress of debt or from buying essential things like food and gasoline. Even enjoy your fancy coffee periodically because you have planned for it.

How to Budget

Our budgeting system is basically the envelope system but with due dates. We want to make sure the bills you need to pay first are the first ones you set aside for with your current paycheck. Paying off your debt and having a saving account funded are your ultimate goals.

Want Personalized Help?

Click here to sign up for a one hour session with an expert!

This is NOT financial advice.

This is simply instructions on how to use the Vivaria Budget app.

Setup & Tips

We know that budgeting is not something you may have learned how to do before. It's not an exact science and there is no wrong way to get out of debt. There are options to setting up and using this tool in a way that works for you.

About Us

Vivaria Budget was born in Texas and is the result of many years of struggling to find a budgeting app that helped you manage your finances in a more timely manner than simply looking backwards to see how badly you screwed up. We needed something to rely on that would allow us to see if this cup of coffee was going to break the bank or if we were ok buying this cup of coffee stress free. After many iterations of more and more complicated spreadsheets, we finally hit upon a solution that worked for us. We sent it to a few friends to use and they loved the concept, but they would invariably end up hitting the wrong button in the spreadsheet and everything would break all the way down and over.  We knew we wouldn't be able to give this spreadsheet to our friends because it was too difficult to use in it's spreadsheet form. We thus began a journey to find a developer who could help us turn our fancy schmancy spreadsheet into an app, and here we are!

My team and I are committed to continually making it better and better to fit the needs of more and more people.

Please don't hesitate to send feedback for what improvements you would like to see.


Our Customers

People Just Like You


This app really helped me. It was very clear what money I was spending.

Project Manager

Dora Bridges

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