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Day to Day

Managing Your Budget Day to Day

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Onboarding Complete! Now what?

Learning to budget can be overwhelming. We get it. It was once for us too! So we have tried to make this as easy as possible.

Once you are on your dashboard, you can see at a glance your bank and savings balances. You will want to keep your transactions up to date so that these balances match what is in your actual bank account.

Below that, you will see percentages of what bills are covered that are due before your next paycheck arrives and what percentage of all of your bills are covered.

By "covered" we mean, you have taken your paycheck that has come in and divided it up into the honeypots you have made for each bill and when the time comes to pay that bill, you are ready and can pay that bill without stress because you have already set aside for it.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Let's learn how to divide up that paycheck!

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Let's Fill Our Honeypots!


First, you will need to assign your money to your honeypots.

If it's time to receive a paycheck, click the received toggle. Then click on fill your Honeypots.

The app will auto fill the amount in each honeypot until there is no more income to distribute.

Do as best you can to cover the essentials you need for daily living, like food and gasoline, and the monthly bills that are due before you get another paycheck.

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Marking Expenses Paid


Try to set a day of the week to enter any expenses paid in the app so it's not so overwhelming of recording an entire month's worth of expenses at once.

Plus, you need to have time to adjust your spending habits if you have overspent in a certain category for the month. Maybe you can cut back in other areas to stay on budget overall.

Find the bill that want to mark paid and simply toggle the "Paid" button or hit the yellow plus sign. Confirm the amount that was charged and verify if it came out of your bank account or was put to a credit card. *Note: if you use a credit to pay your bills, you must first set up a credit card in the credit card bubble on the home screen. More details on that below.

Once you hit confirm, you will notice that the amount you set aside for that bill just went down as there is no longer quite as much in that honeypot anymore. That also means you had enough to cover that bill for this month so congratulations! You are one step closer to living more stress free about paying your bills!

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Summary Tab


Go to this tab to see your budget at a glance.

You can see your planned income and expenses and the total of your honeypots as they are right now.

This tab will tell you if there is an extra amount you can plan to distribute to honeypots, or if you need to adjust some honeypots down so that your money will cover all your expenses that are planned for the month.

It is helpful to plan every cent of what you are going to make and not leave anything unplanned. I'm sure you know how easy it is to look back at the end of the month and wonder where all your money went. You want to be able to send any extra money you have towards your debt or savings.

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Debt Tab


Speaking of debt, this is generally the thing that is the hardest to conquer. But once you pay off that last debt, and experience the freedom and relief that comes with it, you will be so glad you put in the work.

Go to your debt tab to see the debts you have, the amount you have remaining, interest amount you will likely pay, and the number of payments left to pay.

Keep in mind, our calculations will differ from your actual debt payments, interest and number of payments left, as this app is doing the best estimate we can do.

Keep in mind you can sort of the Avalanche Method or the Snowball Method at any moment to prioritize the debt payoff in different ways.

Avalanche Method

This method should save you the most money overall in interest paid. The Avalanche method sorts the debt by the largest interest rate first. It may or may not be the smallest debt so you may be paying on your first debt for a while and the little debts might hang around a while. But overall, you will save more money by first getting rid of the debt with the highest interest rate.


Snowball Method

If you need little victories and lots of motivation, use the Snowball method. The Snowball method sorts your debt by the smallest total debt owed to the largest debt owed. You will pay off the smallest debt first and be able to add that minimum payment amount to your next debt.

This method will cost you more in overall interest paid, but is much more motivating to people.

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Transfer to Another Envelope


If you have budgeted an amount to an envelope and want to move it, that is easy to do! Click on the little white drop down arrow beside the name of the honeypot and hit "Transfer Funds". It will open a new screen of honeypots to transfer to.

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Credit Card Bubble



Ok folks, let's discuss this credit card bubble you will see on the dashboard.

This is not for debt credit cards. This is for people who want to pay bills on a credit card and pay it off every week or every month. We do NOT recommend you use a credit card in this fashion until your debt credit cards have been paid off.

We want you to develop new habits of not living on credit. If you choose to put bills on a credit card, commit to yourself that you will pay it off every month, or as we recommend, every week.

Come back here once you have made the payment to the actual credit card and hit "Pay Bill" to mark it paid. These funds will come from your bank account.

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